2-10-1997 to 6-6-2011, age 14 1/2 years

OFA hips good, CERF normal

I had wanted a Border Collie for years, but was not in the right situation to be able to support the needs of this very active breed until I moved to Indiana in the 1990's. After much research and looking around for a dog locally but not finding what I knew I wanted, I leased a herding lines bitch and drove her to Walt Jagger's Celt in NE Pennsylvania to breed my own litter.  Belle was their offspring and she became my foundation bitch. She was my first agility dog and my first herding dog. She is the one who ignited my passion for well bred, working Border Collies. My goal at that time was to have a "versatile" dog that I could enjoy working in several different venues. I achieved that goal at the novice level with Belle relatively easily, but did not have the knowledge or experience to progress farther with her.  It was Belle's daughter Myrrh who drove me to advance MY skills, and Belle benefited from that in agility, continuing to compete in a few NADAC trials even when she was 12 years old. She was the benevolent ruler of the household until her death at 14 1/2 years old. Two of her daughters from the Belle-Cap litter in 2001, my WNT Myrrh and Joyce Norris' WNT Liza, both were exceptional producers of talented puppies and became only the second set of littermate sisters to achieve the BCSA ROMX title based on the advanced and championship level titles earned by their offspring in herding and agility, and Belle even had one granddaughter that achieved a conformation championship!

Belle herding on her 14th birthday!