I bred Clary to two dogs owned by Joy Thayer DVM in Spring 2013, and Clary delivered 5 puppies on July 1, 2013!  DNA testing revealed that 4 of the pups were by Joy's Tarr (trialed successfully in USBCHA herding competitions by Llona Brandenburg.)  The fifth pup, Bear, was by Joy's Tug, also a USBCHA contender.

The first puppy was Chia, a beautifully marked black and white female and I had to keep her! She is training in herding, agility, obedience and rally. She has already earned her Herding Started A Course titles on sheep and ducks, and her first Novice Agility Jumpers leg!  Everybody loves Chia, she never met a stranger.  Her biggest problem is that she can't hold her "licker!"

The second pup born was Zoe, a dark brindle trifemale.  Zoe initially went to an older gentleman who was a herding student of Terry Parrish, but she proved to be "too much dog" for him and he wisely decided to return her.  Terry then wanted co-ownership of Zoe with me and took her in for training.  She is currently a working ranch dog in California, herding cattle, sheep and anything else that needs to be herded!  Below is a picture of Zoe at 10 weeks old; her right front foot had been bitten by a spider and became infected.  (She fully recovered.)

The third puppy was Kipp, now owned by Kyle Trumbull Clark in California.  Kipp is a beautiful tri-color female, working in agility and herding.  She joined her Aunt Bryn at Kyle's--Kyle was so happy with Bryn that she wanted another Winthrop dog!

The fourth puppy born was Boaz, and, boy, did he steal my heart!  From the beginning, he was a real "thinker," unflappable, very observant and wanted to figure everything out.  Though I had originally planned on keeping one Tarr and one Tug puppy, but Boaz and Chia, both by Tarr, won my heart.  Check out Bo's page for more pictures and information.  He is currently showing in herding, agility, rally and obedience.

The fifth and last puppy was Bear, the only Tug-sired puppy in the litter.  What a charmer!  I called him "The Monster Truck" because he was the biggest puppy in the litter,  a happy boy.  Joy did not have any puppies from Tug, so she took him for the stud-fee puppy.  Here he is with her daughter Reagan.   He is currently training for USBCHA herding.