Myrrh was bred to Terry Parrish's Blazin' Bryce and had a litter of 9 puppies March 23, 2010. Below are pictures of Bryce and his pedigree, click on pictures to enlarge. Bryce has competed in the USBCHA National Finals several times, and in 2013, he finished in the Top 10, 8th out of the 150 dogs competing in the Open Finals! I love his structure and temperament as well as his outstanding herding ability.  He is the dog Terry uses to "dog break" new cows she gets in for herding trials, not an easy task!


Clary is my bed-buddy, my joy and farm dog partner doing the chores here at home. She has the equivalent of 3 AKC herding championships, plus her AHBA herding championship and is competing credibly in USBCHA Open classes in huge open fields! We are just starting training in agility and she is proving to be very adept at reading my cues. With her Rally Novice and newly earned novice agility titles, she qualified for the Border Collie Society of America's Versatility award!

HC HTCh Winthrop Rue HXAs HXBs

Bryn is dearly loved by Kyle Trumbull-Clark in California, is her chore dog, too, and also competes quite successfully in NADAC agility.


Sage is owned and loved by Kathy Ihle Clark in Ohio. She and Sage have been burning up the agility courses and have become a team to contend with, frequently winning their 20" classes! They have finished agility championships in 4 different venues in 2015: AKC, USDAA CPE and UKI!

MACH 4 Winthrop Dill MXB2 MJB2 XF T2B

Switch is owned and loved by Tamara Kurtz in Ohio.  These two are such a consistent team, those double Q's just keep coming!

Winthrop Kale BN RN HIAs HIBs HSAd HSBd

I kept Kale the first 3 years of his life and we earned several herding titles, including a Reserve High in Trial on A Course Sheep. When my friend Pam Hancock lost her heart dog, my Myrrh's brother Hutch, I gave Kale to her because I knew they would make a great team!  They loved each other immediately. Unfortunately, the love did not extend to Pam's horned goat, who butted Kale's head when he stuck it through  a metal gate, causing a severe neck injury, partial loss of sight in his left eye and some left facial paralysis.  However, back on his feet again, Pam and Kale continue to train in agility, obedience and he has finished his Started duck titles with Pam!  No old goat is going to keep this boy down!

Winthrop Poppy

Emma lives in California with Akiko and Michael, their beloved pet. She gets the very best of care, loves hiking with her family. She has even tried herding a couple of times at Terry Parrish's ranch. She sends me a Christmas card every year!

Winthrop Henna

Stella also lives as a family pet in San Diego, plays with her human children and goes for jogs on the beach!

Winthrop Mace

Mace unfortunately lost his owner Doug  to a sudden heart attack when Mace was 2. He continues to live with Doug's wife Melissa and their 2 teenagers. He is a delightful dog, boarded with me for almost 3 weeks when Melissa was out of the country before I left San Diego to move back to Indiana.

Winthrop Sedge

Edge lives with Adriana in Northern California. She dearly loves him, and reports thathe regularly herds their chickens and runs in the woods to keep fit. This picture is of Edge as a puppy.