Myrrh was bred to Claudia Frank's Jusdandy Jaydee and had a litter of 8 puppies June 11, 2007.

MACH 2 Winthrop Added Value RN PT MXG MJG MXF T2B2

Sue Klar did her initial training and now co-owns Bonus with Alicia Bismore, who trials Bonus in AKC, USDAA and CPE agility.

MACH Thats So Raven MXB MJB NF

Raven is owned, loved and trialed by Annie Wanzyk in Ohio.  She excels in agility, but has also occasionally been able to herd some sheep in her spare time!

Winthrop Firefly Caper HSAs AX AXJ NADAC Novice Versatility Award

Fly is owned and loved by Ken Kennedy in California.

Winthrop Don't Blink OA OAJ OAC NJC TN-E WV-N

Blink, fast as lightening, is owned and loved by Teresa Hatcher in Indiana.

Winthrop Du-et Again OA AXJ OJC EAC O-TN-E WV-N HP-N

Do-It is owned and loved by Teresa Hatcher in Indiana. Blazing fast and intense, Teresa has not had the opportunity to trial with him much except at local trials.

Winthrop Dory NACTN-N

Dory is owned and loved by Becky Howard, trained and occasionally trialed by Teresa Hatcher in NADAC agility.

Winthrop Lickety Split  NADAC Novice Triple Superior Award, Open Versatility Award

Split is loved and trials in NADAC agility with Carol Bevan in Canada.

WinthropNew Adventure

Ritter was owned by Chris Kleman in Wisconsin.  He did well in his first herding trial, earning 2 Started A Ducks legs, then was tragically put down due to an unexplained seizure before he was 2 years old.